Welcome to the OPERATION Team Website

The Ohio Pennsylvania Emergency Radio Amateur Tactical Information Operation Network Team which was created in 2003, is an all volunteer service that is dedicated to Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania for Emergency and Disaster Communications Response, Public Service and Education.

Our Mission:

To provide mission critical radio communications when all other systems fail.
To provide radio communications to public events for the betterment of the communities in which we live in.
To provide education in the field of electronics through Amateur Radio to continue the cycle of innovation through our youth.


What is Amateur Radio?

It is both a hobby and a service - better known as ham radio. Unlike most hobbies, however, operators are licensed by their national government (in the U.S., by the Federal Communications Commission) and provide a number of services to their nation. Because It is a true service its formal name is the Amateur Radio Service. It is a non-profit hobby in which ham operators communicate with other hams in all parts of the world and out of this world! They donate their time for emergency communications, local events. Communications is accomplished via means of what is called modes of transmitting and receiving. Once licensed, ham operators are able to use a wide variety of communications technologies. With an appropriate ham license, you can use high technology radios for personal communications between friends and family. You can provide assistance to your community during emergencies. Amateur radio operators have pioneered the various types of communications over the years by their designs and experimentations. The amateur radio service is the only place to build and test your own designs. Hams can use every mode of communication from Voice to Television to Digital. The possibilities are endless.

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