Emergency Communications is our #1 Priority and these are the systems that support us.

The N8XUA 443.450 Repeater Located in Newbury, Ohio is our Primary UHF Repeater system. This is a CLOSED repeater system. Use of this system is restricted to OPERATION Team Members and its affiliates. District 5 SKYWARN operators are also permitted on the system only when a District 5 SKYWARN net is in progress.

It is a Wide Area coverage voted system that has receivers strategically located to provide optimum mobile and portable coverage and it is constantly expanding to improve the coverage down to the handheld level. Also in the works is a Multi-Transmit Simulcast system. The system uses Motorola Mitrek and Maxar 50 Radios and a Spectra TAC Comparator converted to the Amateur service. The repeater provides Handheld and Mobile coverage in the following Ohio Counties: Ashtabula, Lake, Geauga, Trumbull , Northern Mahoning and some Cuyahoga and Portage. It also provides coverage into these Western Pennslyvania Counties: Erie, Crawford, Mercer and Lawrence . It currently has 9 receivers with 4 in the works and the capability to go to 16! It currently has receivers in the areas of Albion, PA, Greenville, PA, Geneva, Oh, Youngstown, Oh, Newbury, Oh, Thompson, Oh, Wayne Twp, Oh, Willoughby,OH and Kingsville, Oh. The future recievers are going in Andover Oh, Howland Oh, Meadville, PA and Mantua, Oh. The repeater and all its receivers have emergency batteries and/or emergency power with a minimum up time of 30 hours. This is if the system was keyed continuously for 30 hours.)

The WA3USH 146.76 Repeater with a PL of 186.2 Located in Cherry Hill, Pa is our Primary VHF Repeater system. This repeater is an OPEN repeater, however EMCOMM and SKYWARN Activities will take priority over normal operation. It is also a voted system that provides handheld cover all along the Erie Lakeshore from Conneaut, Ohio to Harborcreek, Pa. and mobile coverage south into Crawford county. Pictures of this is system is soon to come. This system utilizes a Motorola Micor and Maxtrac/M120 style radios.

The N8XUA 444.925 Repeater is located in Albion, PA and is collocated with the 146.76 Repeater. It is an OPEN repeater, however EMCOMM and SKYWARN operations will take priority over normal operations. It is a Motorola GR1225 in a GR500 configuration. It has emergency power. Its coverage is from Kingsville, Ohio to Fairview, PA and is a good local lakeshore coverage repeater.

The N3KQE 443.025 Repeater Located in Fairview is an OPEN repeater with a PL of 186.2. It provides a local coverage for the Fairview area. It has emergency power.

The W8CYS 442.000 Portable repeater is our interoperability answer. It consists of a self contained UHF repeater with VHF remote base with Auto patch. The repeater can run on either 110V or 12V and can be setup in less than 10 minutes! The case carries all equipment with the exception of the tripod, antenna and any batteries that would be used. The antenna system is a dual band gain antenna to accommodate the repeater and remote base!

N8XUA Repeater 443.650 is now up and operational in Kingsville OH. This repeater is an OPEN repeater, however EMCOMM and SKYWARN operations will take priority over normal operation. The repeater is modified MSF5000. It has a DB420 antenna for Rx on the SW top corner of the tower and a DB404 on the NW top corner. Its output power is 75W. It has emergency power and provides the team with good local coverage repeater for NE Ashtabula County an NW Erie County.

The 145.33 N8XUA is now on air. It is an OPEN repeater, however EMCOMM and SKYWARN Operations will take priority over normal operation. It is a Motorola MSR2000 base station with a DB222 Antenna. It is setup for its best coverage in Ashtabula County. This is also the Ashtabula County SKYWARN Repeater. It has emergency power.

The 53.39 N8XUA Repeater is a 6 meter Repeater in Kingsville,OH. It is currently split site with the Tx in Kingsville and Rx in Albion, PA.

The OPERATION Team also has a Repeater on 900Mhz. It is a closed system located in Kingsville Ohio. It is a 900Mhz Motorola Quantar running a 12Db Gain Antenna on top of the tower.